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Dygeo AR

DYGEO AR is a card based Augmented Reality experience that brings you face to face with a cute creature from another world. 

Each card will feature a unique character and a unique playground for you and the character to interact in.
Each character will have a drastically different personality and it will be up to you to befriend and take care of them all.

There are currently six cards being developed by Dygeo. One for each of the six primary and secondary colors of the color wheel. 


DYGEO AR is in development for AR headsets and mobile devices


Dygeo AR ost

by Spencer Greller

DYGEO AR features a variety of songs that are meant to evoke feelings of true friendship. The song "Color Berries" carries an uplifting yet somewhat somber/homesick feeling. The moles in DYGEO AR have traveled a long long way. While they are more than ecstatic and appreciative to be here with you, they cannot help but feel nostalgic at times.


Dygeo VR


Dygeo VR follows the story of two turtles named Roti and Pelo as they search for Roti's missing shell. This swampland adventure will  bring you face to face with new friends and monstrous predators in the colorful world of Dygeo. Work with your new friends to find Roti's missing Shell and make it through the swamp alive.

liz bros_002.png

Dygeo VR is in development for Mobile VR Headsets


Dygeo VR ost

by Spencer Greller


Backball is a Ball-Rolling Collectathon Adventure.

Players will use gyro controls to guide a ball through a geometric jungle gym. They will have to look at structures from unconventional angles to uncover hints and collectibles hidden in the world.  


The visual style of Backball looks to the flaws of the 3D art medium to celebrate what makes the medium truly special. 

By design, there is creative a lack of Backface Culling. (meaning the back/under side of a polygon or object is completely transparent and invisible to a viewer/player) This provides distinct traits in both gameplay and design. 


Looking at the flaws of a medium is great way to gain a true understanding of what makes the medium unique and intriguing.

Showcasing these flaws through design is not only a great way to ensure timeless visual quality but also an important recording of the basis of the many stylistic choices that have risen during this era.


Backball is in development for Apple and Android Mobile Devices


Backball ost

by Spencer Greller

(Tap Series)

Tap Farm

Tap Farm is a Mobile Quick-Scrolling virtual farming experience. Think Wack-A-Mole meets Harvest Moon meets Tower Defense with a touch of the indie internet hit Fly Guy.


Use touch controls to interact with the environment and take care of your farm. Mischief driven moles will do everything in their power to steal your crops. It will be up to you to decide if you would rather focus your energy on your farm and simply "wack" the moles as they attack, or set up a sustainable food and and health system to keep them happy without the need to attack. 


The experience features a hand-drawn style as well as  hilariously animated characters and events.



Tap Farm is in pre-development for Apple and Android Mobile Devices


Tap Farm ost

by Spencer Greller

(Tap Series)

Tap Castle Climb

Top Turtle loves to climb. Once he has his heart set on a challenge, there is (literally) no stopping him. Top will continuously run until he has reached the top or died trying. It is up to you to keep his path clear and activate any necessary contraptions to ensure his assent up The Tap Castle. 


Tap Castle Climb is a Mobile Lemmings-inspired running adventure with a hand drawn visual style and a story fit for champions.


Tap Castle Climb is in pre-development for Apple and Android Mobile Devices


Tap Castle ost

by Spencer Greller


Once created, all plant assets are watered and cared for by Hoiru Kemushi the rolling caterpillar.

When creating a world for interactive development, I like to imagine the characters and assets as actual living things. Looking into the eyes of this cute blue tank character, I knew his purpose right away. Now he lives inside my asset creation Unity Scenes and helps out any way he can. Thanks for the help Hoiru Kemushi!


Thanks for the help Hoiru Kemushi!


Dygeo Jump

Dygeo Jump is a collection of short animated stories and comics serving as a love letter to Japanese creative culture. Some of the most complex and well driven stories I have experienced have come straight out of Japan. This is my homage to some of my most influential inspirations.

The Burrow

The Swamp


The Character Couch

As I create my characters, I cannot help but wonder what goes on in their little heads throughout daily life. Are they caught up on all that has been going on in our world, or do they spend most of their time thinking about the problems of their own world? How do our two worlds differ and how does it make them feel? To gather information, I have created a talk show where I meet face to face with the creatures of Dygeo. Think of it as an inversion of the classic hit, Space Ghost Coast To Coast.

Squash Animation

SQUASH animation is a cartoon display station at Turbine Flats in Lincoln, Nebraska. Each month, they showcase a number of shorts from a variety of animators. I connected with Jake and Alisa summer of 2017 and have since been honored by the opportunity to take up a spot in their monthly reel along with such great artists and animators.

August Reel

September Reel


Can't wait to see what comes next month!



With a creative and confident hand, I sit back daily and let it roll. Here's a taste.
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